Intelligent Automation

Forum Member Criteria

Responsible for Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and other forms of automation for the business (including ML, AI, workflow, and BPM).

Accountable for strategy, people, process, technology, budget, driving adoption of automation technology, and managing operations of automation technology.

What We Offer

  • membership in an elite, confidential, collaborative forum of RPA leaders
  • actionable insights that can be used to validate strategy or build internal consensus for change
  • instantaneous access to broad peer network
  • comprehensive member defined RPA process benchmarking

Sample Topics

  • organizational structures & talent management
  • scaling organizations; in-house vs outsourced
  • BU engagement model – centralized, decentralized, federated, citizen development, education, governance
  • automation approach – bot vs alternate forms (code, low code, scripting, web automation)
  • intake, prioritization, ROI, governance
  • budget / funding / chargeback models
  • maximizing RPA value; 24x7 active bots
  • security, privacy, risk, data, credentials
  • operational management; lifecycle, support, change, fragility of bot
  • production operations, monitoring, reporting
  • 3-to-5-year roadmap
  • program goals: number of bots / year; number of processes / year; savings
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