Client service

We help our members arrive at validated solutions, drive innovation and make substantial improvements in performance.

We’re singularly focused on creating valuable, actionable insights out of real-time data. KnowledgeConnect membership includes six services that facilitate the sharing of ways to excel.

Impact Sessions

In-Person Meetings

  • strategic discussion
  • impromptu dialogue
  • networking
  • peer relationship building

Jam Sessions

Video Conferences

  • tactical bounded discussion
  • convenient regular touch point
  • expanded domain expert involvement

Comparative Analyses

Annual Benchmark Analyses

  • expanded broad ranging data collection study
  • verifiable data
  • year-over-year analysis
  • ideal for internal distribution

Hot Topics

On-Demand Surveys

  • real-time, accurate, unbiased data
  • short, easy-to-answer format
  • answers to urgent questions

Special Interest Groups

Ad Hoc Sharing

  • specialized discussion for membership subsets
  • in-depth discussion and analysis of topics of interest

KC Insights Database

Internal Knowledge Database

  • recorded discussion history
  • participation from all members
  • presentations, executive summaries, meeting notes
  • searchable NoSql database

Our Practices


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